Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hansbrough Will Succeed in NBA

There have been plenty of naysayers who doubt Tyler Hansbrough's ability to transition from the college game to the NBA. Well I say nay to their nays.

Hansbrough played four successful years at UNC at Chapel Hill. He is not what some would call a "natural athlete," but for anything he lacked in raw talent he more than made up for by putting in blood, sweat, and tears. In the workout room he even earned himself the nickname "Psycho T" for his high intensity, maximum effort workouts.

Many question whether his 6'9" 250 pound frame will be well suited for banging around under the boards in the NBA. To make his game more complete and well rounded at UNC, Hansbrough worked tirelessly to improve his outside shooting. By the end of his tenure are UNC, all of his hard work and extra practice helped make him a threat even outside of the paint. His work ethic and leadership contributed to the Tar Heels' success and helped them bring home the 2009 NCAA Championship.

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