Friday, September 18, 2009

Rex Ryan Big Apple of Buddy's Eye

The N.Y. Jets went down to Houston last Sunday, licked the storied Texans, and now are talking like they are the second coming of the Patriots.

Yep, Rex Ryan's team really knows how to handle success, eh? Looks like this big apple didn't fall too far from daddy, Buddy's tree.

On Tuesday, the younger Ryan (pictured) made it clear to Jets fans that, "he is not here to kiss a ring," referencing Bill Belichick's three Super Bowl rings he's won with the Patriots, the Jets foe on Sunday.

It was only only four months ago when the John Candy of coaches said on New York's WFAN, "I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings," which would mean either he needs to get some new material or he has a serious jewelry fetish.

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Jets, Ryan Not Afraid to Tweak Patriots

If any body is surprised by the tactics Jets coach Rex Ryan has used to prepare his team for Sunday’s game against the Patriots, they haven’t been paying attention.

One of the first things Ryan said when he landed the head coaching job was he didn’t plan to “kiss Belichick’s rings”, alluding to Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

The teams meet for the first time since that statement on Sunday at Giants Stadium, and Ryan hasn’t backed down from that comment. He has brought a new attitude to the Jets, a bold approach that runs contrary to just about every thing Belichick stands for.

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Golic, Say Again About Ravens' D

Television and print sports commentators are paid the big bucks to have big mouths. Understandable. You draw in readership and ratings and then the advertisers and you get paid.

But commentators, prognostication falls flat when it is rooted in misinformation.

Mike Golic of the wildly popular ESPN Radio program "Mike and Mike in the Morning" is one of the big bucks-big mouth commentators.

In handicapping Sunday's Ravens-Chargers game on ESPN at mid-week, Golic figured he was speaking with authority and conviction. But instead, Golic left some Baltimore fans in a tizzy -- stating that the vaunted Ravens defense was in decline based on the Kansas City Chiefs scoring 24 points in the season opener.

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At least Golic got the score right, Ravens 38, Chiefs 24.

Oscar's Wrong: Pretty Boy Will Win

Don’t listen to Oscar De La Hoya. I’m not saying De La Hoya has lost his damn mind, but, well … if the man thinks Juan Manuel Marquez will beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., then the "Golden Boy" has taken a few too many blows to the head.

The Marquez-Mayweather fight, which De La Hoya is promoting, takes place tomorrow night in Las Vegas, and the bout has the potential to be the 2009 Fight of the Year, which isn’t saying much for a sport that is becoming as irrelevant in the United States as cricket.

For a lot of reasons, Mayweather and Marquez should have fought awhile ago -- long before Mayweather took a 21-month sabbatical to do whatever uber-rich, self-absorbed personalities like him do when they have too much idle time and money but no common sense.

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There Will Be Blood ... in the Swamp

Which fantastic finish will punctuate Saturday's bloodbath between Florida and Tennessee?

a) With Florida clinging to a 73-3 lead, Urban Meyer calls a timeout to tack on an insurance field goal as time expires.

b) With Tennessee trailing only 59-0, Lane Kiffin calls a timeout to set up a goose-egg-busting field goal from 52 yards out, only to have the Vols kicker iced by a Meyer timeout.

c) Florida scores with a minute left to go up, 61-7, then surprises Tennessee with an onside kick to get the ball back for more.

d) When asked why Florida went for two at the end of the game, already up 52-6, Meyer replies: "Because I couldn't go for three."

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Expectations Soar for Auburn, Chizik

I am beginning to warm up to this Gene Chizik guy.

Sure, I wondered what Auburn was doing when they hired him (and his 5-19 record at Iowa State) to replace Tommy Tuberville, but the way he has run the football program since taking over has been downright impressive.

Two decisions stand out. He brought in Gus Malzahn do be offensive coordinator and promised he wouldn’t interfere. Wise decision. After two games in Malzahn’s fast-paced spread attack that relies heavily on misdirection, the Tigers are averaging 572.5 yards total offense and 43.0 points.

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Hurricane Warning Has Been Issued

I'll preface this post by admitting I'm a lifelong Miami Hurricane fan, and for those who aren't, the Canes, the U, Miami (Fla.) is back. They might not be back where they used to be, but they are indeed back as far as college football is concerned, and college football is a better place (and product) because of it.

The brash, braggadocios, ultra talented, unbeatable, unapologetic Miami teams of the 1980's and 90's helped make college football what it is (and is not) today, and whether you love them or hate them, the sport itself needs the Canes. If you love them like I do, then you need that anti-establishment, dark-side-of-the-force, indomitable athletic powerhouse to pull for every weekend throughout the fall. The modern college football game has become bogged down by a suppressive, stifling, unimaginative, politically correct rulebook and its subsequent status-quo officiating. The modern college football culture is mired in BCS corruption and plantation hypocrisy left over from the good ol' boy networks of the deep south.

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Why KU Will Win the Big 12 North

Just because David Letterman doesn't do his show in Kansas is no reason there can't be a top-10 list for the Jayhawks. KU and Nebraska were picked by most to finish atop the Big XII North standings. If the 'Hawks were to do so, it would be the first championship since the league formed in 1996. Below are ten reasons why they will.

10. Five-foot, nine inch Todd Reesing, who proves everything isn't really bigger in Texas, uses revenge as a factor and beats two Texas teams from his home state that passed on giving him a scholarship.

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It Ain't Easy for Larry Fitzgerald

Last season Larry Fitzgerald was the toast of the National Football League. He was marked as the best receiver in football.

The next Jerry Rice.

Jesus in shoulder pads.

He scored what could have been the game-winning and title-clinching touchdown in last season's Super Bowl. His catch, a 64-yard reception, where he overpowered a corner, ran by the linebackers and split the safeties with blazing speed was nothing short of amazing.

What that season did, one where he had 96 catches for 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns, was make him a marked man. He has a target on his back. And every defensive coordinator on Arizona's schedule is looking for new and revolutionary ways to stop or contain Fitzgerald.

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Rangers Trim 20 From Roster

Long day, and a busy one at that, here at the MSG Training Facility.

In the morning, high-flying winger Marian Gaborik took part in his first scrimmage of Rangers training camp. Though he didn't go full throttle due to his sore groin, Gaborik still looked good, even scoring a goal against Henrik Lundqvist.

Perhaps equally as important as playing in the scrimmage was the fact that Gaborik then followed up by participating in an hour-long practice, and reported no issues with the groin.

"I watch the scrimmages and I watch the games, and I want to be out there," explained Gaborik, who will definitely sit out Friday's pre-season tilt in Detroit and likely Saturday's in Boston, too. "This is a new team for me, so I definitely want to get out there and get to know the guys on the ice, and just be a part of it. So today, I had fun out there."

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Isles Practices to Public

For the first time Islanders fans will not be able to attend team practices at Iceworks in Syosset. As a young fan I can remember attending practices multiple times and leaving very happy having met all of the former top players and getting autographs like they were going out of style.

I understand the team wants to take a different approach since they had the top draft pick and want to move in a more positive direction, but leaving the fans out of practices will not help that cause. It's just going to make people angry. Maybe once they start winning they can change their policy. Why is it, that the Islanders always seem to do things backwards?

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Gortat Coming to OKC?

The guys over at DailyThunder found a story in Croatia that claims Marcin Gortat talked to Nenad Krstic about the possibilities of playing with him. Here is a link to the story.

While the story has been crudely translated, at best, it brings up an intriguing possibility for Thunder fans. Gortat had a great showing during last year's playoffs, and there were rumors of him being traded to OKC.

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Freddie Causes a Stir in Dubai

Andrew Flintoff has come to Dubai to recuperate from knee surgery - but in true Freddie style, the limelight continues to shine on him as brightly as the UAE weather, as the media pores over his playing and coaching options.

The all-rounder, who signed off from Tests after the Ashes victory, has refused to sign a new England contract in order to make himself available to all and sundry, becoming the first English player to turn one down since the central contract system was drawn up 10 years ago.

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