Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Donovan McNabb: Fragile Porcelain Doll

Upon further review, the Donovan McNabb-Michael Vick marriage isn’t headed for an early annulment after all. Not even a counseling session. That’s not to say you can afford to let your attention drift away from it, though.

For a couple of days, it seemed as if the biggest obstacle to Vick’s return would not be Roger Goodell, or PETA, or the vast reaches of the BWG (Bitter White Guy) Radio Network – but the very quarterback who supposedly had lobbied to bring Vick into the Philadelphia Eagles’ fold. McNabb clearly was not overjoyed with exactly how Vick was used in his comeback game against Jacksonville last week. However, he insisted Tuesday as he tried to “re-calibrate’’ his post-game comments, there was no rift between him and Vick and no objection to having him there.

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All or Nothing for Florida

I hate what my fingers are about to type.

But the simple truth is this – anything less than a BCS title this year will be crushingly disappointing.

This just isn’t one of those years where “well we came close and the boys played hard” is remotely good enough. Just winning the SEC – not enough. A nice Heisman for Tebow – not enough.

Only the whole enchilada will do.

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Hip, Hip, Hooray to Michigan Blues

Pardon me if I need to put my journalistic instincts in mothballs for four or five minutes. But hearing bad news about the University of Michigan is the reason. It makes me wanna holler: Hallelujah!

Now, I don’t go as far as Woody Hayes in voicing my abhorrence for all-things Michigan. For unlike the late Buckeyes coach, I have no problem saying the school’s name.

On occasion, I do refer to Michigan, as Woody did, as “that school up North,” but then I’ll grudgingly give the school its just due: Michigan is Michigan; fine, I’ll accept it.

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Jeter on the Brink of History

There are some critics of Derek Jeter who believe he’s slipping.

He’s not the player he once was, the critics say, and believe his skills have diminished significantly since he was named the American League Rookie of the Year in 1996.

Those critics haven’t been watching this year.

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Dolphins 'D' Faces Stiff Test

They've been bend-but-don't break the entire preseason, but Thursday night the Dolphins defense must play at a high level to contain the red-hot Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints offense.

Brees is coming off a season in which he passed for the second-most yards in history, joining Dolphins Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino as the only qwuarterbacks to top 5,000 yards in a season.

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Raheem Morris Faces Bigger Decisions

Okay, Raheem finally got down to business and named his starting quarterback, the mighty Byron Leftwich.

Fair enough.

Now comes the hard work. At 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 5, Morris will have to choose the 53 players for his final roster. He'll have to tell us those players he will take into battle against Dallas and the rest of the NFC East, NFC South and AFC East.

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NFC West Team-By-Team Picks

Before I get to this post's topic (NFC West Value Picks) I want to have a short discussion about dedication. In football it takes the full dedication of 53 men towards one common goal to have a successful season. Players, coaches, and team staffers must all push themselves and each other year-round to get to February's spectacle: The Super Bowl. Blogging also takes dedication. Here I am sitting outside on a patio in Maui looking out at the Pacific Ocean, maintaining a commitment to my readers by typing away to bring them the information they're looking for. That, people, is dedication. Back to football, though. By request, I'll be starting my day today by discussing my value picks from the NFC West. Here they are:

Frank Gore, RB, San Francisco 49ers: The way I see it, there should be three 49ers on fantasy rosters this season: RB Frank Gore, TE Vernon Davis, and WR Josh Morgan. I've heard a lot of talk about how new Offensive Coordinator, Jimmy Raye, plans on using Vernon Davis frequently in the passing game, but I've heard that every year since Davis was drafted by the team in 2006. ...

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UFC Should Think Hard on This One

Every now and then in life things will break easy, making one's decision a whole lot simpler. Do I date the beautiful girl with no personality or the beautiful girl with the personality? Gee, let me think ... Or how about joining the gym that charges $30 a month with every amenity you need plus modern equipment or the gym that charges $40 a month that's really just a weight room with no pool, sauna, aerobics, etc. and run down? Another no brainer.

Every now and then.

But sadly, every now and then happens perhaps every 100 decisions you're faced with which is why you should never make decisions harder than they have to be.

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Soccer Bad, Football Good, Bangkok Hot

Just back from Bangkok where I picked up the last of the ingredients needed to give this joint a proper opening.

About Bangkok: It's hot. Stinkin' hot. And it stinks as a sports town.

Oh, sure, everywhere I went there was some sort of soccer game on the telly. Unfortunately, I've grown accustomed to that living here in Europe. Aside from the World Cup, where wars have had less importance on the global stage, soccer is completely awful to watch. This is why people often die at these matches -- boredom.

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