Friday, October 16, 2009

It's CC's Time to Grab Glory

The Bronx in October, baseball under the lights tonight. The Yankees had been here countless times over the decades. It was on these nights, in this month and in this part of New York City where Yankee legends are made.

Think Jeter and Williams. Mantle and Maris. Or the Babe and Gehrig. Does anybody believe Reggie Jackson would be revered today as "Mr. October" if he had played for the Cubs?

No Major Leaguer puts on those white Yankee pinstripes without expecting to win championships somewhere along the way.

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Bearcats, Thursdays Cruel to Bulls

Thursday, Thursday, can't trust that day....
Thursday, Thursday, sometimes it just turns out that way....

(with apologies to the Mamas and Papas)

It was all there for the South Florida Bulls Thursday night.

They had the home crowd of nearly 64,000 that they were hoping for.

They had a defense that appeared determined to put the clamps on Cincinnati's all-star quarterback, Tony Pike.

They got off to a great start.

Then it all went south, like it has on other October Thursdays.

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Coaching Suits Hoyas Great Williams

You think of Georgetown Hoya basketball and you think of the coach, John Thompson, and Ewing, Mourning, Iverson and Mutombo. And you think more, and there is Sleepy Floyd, Craig Shelton, Freddie Brown and Mike Sweetney.

Then stop and think even more and your thoughts settle on Reggie Williams. Call Reggie Williams the "forgettable" Hoya great.

As personalities, Patrick Ewing offered that ever-embracing smile, Alonzo Mourning the beat-down toughness, Allen Iverson the homeboy defiance and Dikembe Mutombo the earnest dignity. Williams was just a back-of-the-room quiet and unassuming kid from Baltimore who spoke loudest in big games on the court. Lest we forget, it was none other than Reggie Williams who sparked the Hoyas to their only NCAA basketball national title 25 years ago.

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Young Avs NHL's Biggest Surprise

So what's the deal with this young bunch of Colorado Avalanche?

Who would have thought these guys would be 5-1-1 through the season's first seven games, with a 3-1-1 record in the first five games of what could have been a disastrous seven-game road trip?

Not me, and probably not anybody else, either.

The Avalanche was coming off a last-place finish in the Western Conference; team president Pierre Lacroix fired just about everybody in the front office and coaching staff; longtime captain Joe Sakic retired; and co-scoring leader Ryan Smyth was dispatched to Los Angeles.

So much for expectations.

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Wang, Lighthouse Still On

Charles Wang has not made up his mind yet - as many expected would be the case after Nassau County abused the October 3 deadline he set for the Lighthouse Project.

He released a statement yesterday that explained his current situation with the project. The statement came as a result from an article that appeared in the less than glamorous Long Island Press about Wang's plan to abandon the project altogether.

“Yesterday’s report on the Lighthouse Project which appeared in the Long Island Press is untrue. There are no plans to abandon this project which is so vital to the future of Nassau County and Long Island as a whole," he said. "As far as the status of the Lighthouse project, we have submitted to The Town of Hempstead and Supervisor Kate Murray all the studies and required documents. A lease has been negotiated. Supervisor Murray and the Town Board need to make a decision on the zoning.

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Keenan Debuts on Rangers Radio

As you can well expect I am fired up to host the brand-new weekly podcast talk program, Rangers Radio, over at

While I love serving as the beat writer for the team's official site, broadcasting is still very much in my bones. So the chance to chat Rangers hockey with my co-host Steven Gelbs, while also interviewing current and former members of the organization, and answering the fans e-mail questions, is going to be a lot of fun, plain and simple.

And we have a very special guest for the first show, former Rangers (and Flyers...and Blues...and Panthers...and Bruins...and Flames...and, well you get the idea) head coach Mike Keenan. Expect Keenan to look back at the magical 1993-94 season (it's already been 15 years...incredible!), while also analyzing the current state of the Rangers in his new role as guest hockey analyst for The MSG Network.

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Redskins Alums Missing Real Target

There was a time when the Washington Redskins actually went about their business on and off the field in a classy, dignified manner, and expected to compete for championships year in and year out. They were a model organization that did things the right way, even if they represented a city that has so often had it wrong.

I guess, then, it's mighty decent of these current Redskins to lower themselves several notches, so they no longer stand out in Washington's sea of dysfunction.

The new version of the Redskins wouldn't know class if they were handed the book. They are run by a maniacal little creep of an owner, Dan Snyder (pictured), whose wise-guy smirk has become the face of the organization.

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A Cautionary Tale for Jets

There are all sorts of Jets seasons I could throw at you as evidence that I've been through this type of thing before.

A hot start followed by a disappointing collapse.

The Jets have written that book through the years...and I've devoured it cover-to-cover.

But 2009 seems different.

I've mentioned this before - I go into every new season optimistic. So those other years were extra disappointing to me when I went in thinking good things, had my expectations met, then exceeded, then shot down.

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Cardinals Need Mark DeRosa

The Cardinals have a number of free agent concerns this off season and most people centered their discussion on Matt Holliday.

I agree that Holliday's signing would become a valuable addition to the free agent mix, but I believe Mark DeRosa has more value to the Cardinals.

So I say, sign the guy first, then worry about Holliday and others.

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Victorious in Pink

The Marcos de Niza High School football team, in Tempe, played for more than just one cause Oct. 9 at home.

Marcos de Niza sported a different look in a 42-0 win over Gilbert Perry: Pink jerseys.

The team wore pink jerseys to support breast cancer awareness. Others were on hand to help the Padres support the cause. The Arizona State University cheer line was in attendance along with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart.

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