Friday, October 16, 2009

Coaching Suits Hoyas Great Williams

You think of Georgetown Hoya basketball and you think of the coach, John Thompson, and Ewing, Mourning, Iverson and Mutombo. And you think more, and there is Sleepy Floyd, Craig Shelton, Freddie Brown and Mike Sweetney.

Then stop and think even more and your thoughts settle on Reggie Williams. Call Reggie Williams the "forgettable" Hoya great.

As personalities, Patrick Ewing offered that ever-embracing smile, Alonzo Mourning the beat-down toughness, Allen Iverson the homeboy defiance and Dikembe Mutombo the earnest dignity. Williams was just a back-of-the-room quiet and unassuming kid from Baltimore who spoke loudest in big games on the court. Lest we forget, it was none other than Reggie Williams who sparked the Hoyas to their only NCAA basketball national title 25 years ago.

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