Friday, October 2, 2009

In God We Trust

Well, what can we tell ya, folks?

We're pretty proud we can call God a regular at the Grill Room. He's well-behaved, a good tipper, drinks only the best stuff, keeps the clientele buzzing with some mind-boggling card tricks, and is patient answering the questions our bartenders often tire of.

Last week, when we asked Him why He hated Michigan, The Big Guy took offense and then pity. Why, he not only saw to it that the Lions ended their 19-game losing streak, but also made sure the most corrupt city in the world was punished for its evil ways.

By sending Washington's team to ingloriously fall at the feet of the lousy Lions, He illustrated with a master's stroke that sometimes punishment can reap rewards.

So, with God at our side, we are looking for more answers around here as Week 4 of the NFL season gets set to unfold.

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